Friday, September 19, 2014

Been A Long Time........

It's been a long time and honestly I wasn't sure I was going to revive this blog let alone if anyone is still reading, but here I am and if anyone is out there HELLO!

So many updates, so much going on in my life and in the lives of the orphans I have blogged about.
I'll get to me later, right now the MAIN NEWS!

I will not sugarcoat things, it was not easy nor all rainbows and glitter. The family and boys have gone through a lot. Months in an institution was not kind to the boys.
They suffered.
Leaving their country they went right from a US airport to CHOP (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) where they were treated for weeks. Yes, weeks.
They are both home now, but are unwilling to eat by mouth so have g-tubes to get nutrition.
Sadly it has been determined that Andrew will never have sight. Poor Oliver has suffered brain damage and is also blind.
But the boys are LOVED. They are gaining weight and the difference in them is amazing! Andrew is saying Mama!
and in other amazing news it was discovered that Andrew has a twin brother! that was adopted several months ago.

Now what everyone is interested in- Pictures!!!

Oliver before

Oliver Now!

Andrew before

Andrew NOW

Brothers :D

Andrew's twin brother Aiden! (Aiden is on the left, Andrew on the right)

Aiden's family has a blog if you would care to follow :D

I hope everyone is as excited about the boys being home as I am. Even better they came home on MY birthday! What an amazing gift that was, having Andrew-the boy I have loved and longed for being safely with his family in the states. Am I upset he is not my son? a tiny part of me still grieves but I would never for one single second have wanted him to wait.

The next update will be quicker to come than this one was I promise

Friday, December 27, 2013

Hope Springs for Oliver and Andrew

I can finally share the news!!!!!
Oliver and Andrew have a new family working towards adopting them! They will be brothers! They will be taken out of the mental institution and given the care and love long denied them.

When the other family decided once again not to go for Andrew I was crushed. I simply could not understand how this could happen twice! At this point both boys had been transferred, their days at the baby house were over, into a living hell they had been sent :'(

Then through messaging others that loved the boys we found out another family was seriously considering both boys.
I'll admit I was afraid to hope. Having supported, encouraged and prayed for the other family through 2 attempts, I was very hesitant to trust again.

This family feels the urgency to get their boys home and fast! they are doing everything in their power to expedite the process. So I choose to do whatever I can to help, to have faith that they will get these boys home. They might very well be the boys last hope. Children don't last long in adult mental institutions even when they enter in good health and sadly Oliver is not in good health. Andrew is in better shape but he was used to walking and getting gentle care, he will not be receiving that now, instead a crib will be his life.

Now since we have all gotten our hopes up and been heartbroken many times before and trust is hard to give, let's go over a few things. The money in Oliver and Andrew's grants are still there and will remain there until the family actually travels. So that money is still safe and will remain that way even if this family pulls out. Any money donated to the family's account is used to finance paperwork, plane tickets, lodging, travel within country, visas, etc once in country. The family hopes to raise $10,000 to help with adoption costs.
So fundraisers, auctions, etc will be announced as they are planned.

Please consider supporting this family, they are young, childless and very much willing to do what needs to be done to make these boys their sons. And above all please pray for strength for the boys, for them to survive until a family can adopt them.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Reaching Out

I could write a very long, angry rant of a blog post, in fact that was my original plan. To pour all my helpless, useless anger out onto the screen for all to read.
But I'm not going to.
Hopefully wheels are in motion and soon I can post very happy news so there is no need to stay in the past and stew in dark thoughts.


So instead I'm going to comment on behavior in children that marvel and delight. Children reach out. Children make friends so easily. In fact a child they have never met is simply a new friend.
It's that simple. That perfectly, amazingly simple.
I love it! and envy it.

We're fans of Chick Fil-A, the food is good, the service is always great and the play area is amazingly clean- perfect for families in a rush, a planned afternoon of play or a simple stop-by to kill some time between activities. I'm addicted to their sweet tea with lemon, good thing my body tells me to stop with the tea or I could drink a gallon of the stuff.

I love sitting outside the play area watching my children play inside. They so quickly become part of the the merging group of kids, all yelling, climbing, sliding, chasing and laughing.

My Little Guy hasn't always done so well with other children. There was a time not so long ago that he would point at children and scream at them, that was his interaction with them.
So I am so grateful to see him having more positive playtime. He joins in, he laughs, he chats and he tries to be a friend. If a child falls or cries, he is there to pat them on the back, help them back up or simple ask what's the mater? If he hears a child crying he will turn to me and inquire why the baby is crying.

A willingness to help.
These are all learned traits. We are not born compassionate.

Children learn from us. How they are treated and how we respond to their first needs shape them.
It's a very important part of a child's early weeks/months. A baby is completely dependent upon caregivers (the parents) and when a baby's needs are met in a warm, loving and prompt manner the child feels secure. Later on that security extends to other areas.

Knowing all this, it completely blows me away when I read about orphan children. Many of them, orphans from birth due to any number of factors, have lived their entire lives in orphanages, having basic needs met, or sadly not having them met, yet some still emerge with compassion and empathy. You see them reaching out to other children for comfort and to give comfort, you hear about an older child bravely stepping in to prevent beatings on younger child-drawing the beatings/punishment onto themselves, of sharing food, of friendships and bonds.
Children facing things they should not have to face.
Yet bravely they reach out for love.

I hope someday there is no orphan crisis, but for now all the children without homes and families are reaching out. Holding out their hands for love, for acceptance, for a chance to belong.
Will you take a small hand in yours?

Friday, December 6, 2013

Someone's Sister

My children, the feisty princess and my little guy, they are my everything and surely the cause for my grey hair.
Siblings that love, fight, wrestle, cry, scream, push, shove, hit and holler.
Yet they would be lost without each other.
From the moment little guy was born, the princess was right there with him.

so imagine my surprise when while getting ready for bed I get a demand-"I want a sister! Why don't I have a sister?" Had to explain to little girl that things don't work out that way, you get what you are given. But she was not happy. She loves her brother, but many of her friends have a sister, both her cousins are girls and sisters.
What she doesn't know is that she is our rainbow baby, a child that comes after a loss, hence the term rainbow baby- a spot of something beautiful after the storm. She might have a sister in Heaven, it was too soon to know the baby's gender.

With my desire to adopt another child I have always been drawn to the boys. Her request made me think about things, made me go and just look at the girls waiting, something I rarely did before.

All those sweet girls waiting for a family, waiting to be someone's sister.



Here is a blog with additional pictures, information and even a link to a video of Kambry, she is such a sweet girl!

A blog post from a mother who met Lynda-
"Lynda seemed to receive the least attention and was often found playing by herself.

She has a quiet, noble nature about her. She was always very kind even though she received little attention. She is in a “good” orphanage in that she is well fed and kept clean, but she so desperately needs a family. On one occasion she wandered over to the play shelter where we were playing and was trying to eat Ruby’s cookie. We didn’t have any extra (we brought treats for the groupa every three days or so) so Ed just picked her up to distract her and as soon as he did, she threw her arms around his neck and rested her head on his shoulder just soaking in the attention. It was the most precious yet sad thing I’ve ever seen. She just wants to love and be loved…to be a Daddy’s girl. I wish you could have seen the smile on her face as she hugged Ed. It was priceless. For that brief moment, she was in heaven.

She has hydrocephalus and is globally delayed in her development but she is still very bright and has so much potential in a family. Judging by the size and shape of her head, it seems that either her shunt isn’t working or she has never been shunted. A shunt is crucial for people with hydrocephalus to keep the fluid from building up around their brain. She needs medical attention, but most of all she needs a family. Lynda will turn five in December. Just like Sam, she will face the threat of being transferred to an adult insane asylum where she would likely die."

How can you not cry after reading that? This beautiful child being ignored, instead of cherished? Playing by herself, her hair shaved close, dressed as a boy, transferred from the relative safety of a baby house/orphanage to an adult mental institution. And no you did not read that wrong, a sweet, small child sent to live among adults. I will not tell you what can happen to small, vulnerable little girls there, I'm sure you have an idea. Please do not let that happen! Please share Lynda, her picture, her info, anything to get her a family, she needs to be saved.

All these girls need a family to save them, to cherish them and to give them the life they deserve.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thank You

Thank you everyone so much that has prayed or given my daughter a thought. I'm so thankful and happy to report that her eye is healing! The band keratopathy is still there and visible if you look at it from an angle (that gave us some serious fear) but at this point the specialist feels we can wait to do any removal procedures. So far all the blood tests have come back negative or normal. At this point she has another follow up with the eye doc, an appointment at AI Dupont with a Rheumatologist to check for juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA or JIA). She had oral surgery yesterday which went very well, I'm thrilled to report. She is demanding real food and skipping about the house. be 5 yrs old and have amazing healing powers :)
So things have been very busy and stressful, but with all the good news coming in the stress is easing.

So that's where we are on the personal front.

on the advocacy front, well I'm not the most religious of persons, I consider myself spiritual meaning I believe in a higher power, God, but I don't attend church at this time.
I pray nightly and several days ago I suddenly started thinking
Break my heart for what breaks yours.

and with everything going on with my daughter it was painfully clear. She is getting medical care, she is getting love and support, whatever she needs is being done.
An orphan in need? They are suffering. Their needs are not being met. They do not have someone to love and comfort them through an illness, they are riding it out alone.

break my heart for what breaks yours

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Prayers and Help Needed Please

Our month has become very, very busy. And if I may ask for some prayers please. Our darling Feisty Princess has been having some vision problems and sadly we have found out her right eye has inflammation and a band keratopathy, a corneal disease. Please pray as we work with her ophthalmologist and pediatrician to find the underlying cause of this and to do whatever it takes to treat this. We are very sad, scared and just at a loss right now, but trying to keep life normal and happy for her and her brother.

With everything going on with our daughter I just cannot put the same level of devotion to fundraising for Angel Tree that I have in the past. I feel very sorry that I might be letting Sloan down. :(
and so I want to ask for help. Not just help to raise money for his adoption grant, but help with getting his face out there. Please blog about him and Angel Tree if you blog, please share on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks. Please consider donating your coffee money for one day to his fund. Anything helps.

And please pray, pray for Sloan and all the other orphans and if I may, please pray for my daughter, that her vision is safe, that we will find out what is causing this and treat it, that she remain positive and upbeat despite constant Dr's appts, eye drops 8X a day, various blood draws and procedures.

thank you

Friday, November 1, 2013

Angel Tree Time!

It's that time of year again, time for Reece's Rainbow's Christmas Warrior Program known as Angel

The purpose of Angel Tree is to raise at least $1,000 and awareness for each child. The program runs from November 1st- December 31st.
Hard to believe this will be my 3rd year doing this. The very 1st year sweet Wyatt was the child I picked to be a Warrior for and how this blog came about.
Please keep Wyatt in your prayers as Russia has now stopped Americans and Canadians from adopting.

This year I had picked Jimmy
to be my Angel Tree child and imagine my delight upon learning that a family is working hard to bring sweet Jimmy home!
I stand committed to help his family raise funds for his adoption so please consider donating to help them bring this sweet boy home.

Since Jimmy has a family I want to help another child be seen and get some much needed money in their adoption fund.
So let me introduce you to
Isn't he adorable?!
Sloan (not his real name) is 5 and has Down syndrome. Here is the information listed about Sloan.
Sloan is a happy, laughing boy. He likes to run and play ball. He is close with his caregivers. He is very curious and likes to explore new things. He is very expressive, and loves to play with other children.

Doesn't he sound like a great little guy? And like all children he wants a family.

We can't all adopt, even those of us that truly would want to :( , but we can help out in other ways.

So I'm going to ask everyone who is reading this to help out in any way they can.
Share on FB, Twitter, on your blog, email to a friend, chat about these children with your friends, just talk about them, raise awareness :)
pray for them

thank you so much!